Useful stuff for freelancers

There are millions of articles about how to become a freelancer online – here are some standout reads.

There are millions of articles about how to become a freelancer online. I found most articles out-of-date, irrelevant, too vague or posed questions that I wasn’t ready to answer yet (“could value-based pricing work for you?”).

The irony of that first sentence is not lost on me, but I wanted to share some things that I found useful when I started out.

Mark Boulton: Designing For The Web (Chapter 5)

Whatever your industry, this chapter is priceless. The section titled Making the switch from being employed to self-employed is worthwhile and documents a process that’s relevant to anyone about to make the jump to freelance.

Designing For The Web

Pension Prep for Freelancers

When I started out, setting up a pension wasn’t high on my to-do list. It was there, but I overlooked it.

This article on the FreeAgent blog looks at how much you need to save at different age ranges. Handy if you’re not sure how much you should be saving.

Pension Prep For Freelancers

Work For Money, Design For Love

Despite being aimed at graphic designers, this book contains some fantastic advice about setting up as a freelancer. The book includes anecdotes from the author and other contributors. Highly recommended reading.

Work For Money, Design For Love

Mike Monteiro: Why I Need to Know Your Budget

Getting clients to understand the importance of being open about their budget is tricky. I’ve written about it before

In this post, Mike Monteiro, of Mule Design and “F*ck You. Pay Me.” uses a personal anecdote that perfectly illustrates the importance of being frank about finances.

Why I Need to Know Your Budget

Maternity Pay for Self-Employed Mothers

If you’re self-employed and about to introduce a new human to the world, you need to read up on the Maternity Allowance. This guide from FreeAgent covers everything from rates, to the controversial ‘Keeping in Touch’ days.

Maternity Pay for Self-Employed Mothers

How much to charge

Knowing how much to charge for your services when you start out is difficult. This article from Dan Mall offers some practical advice on getting an initial figure. 

Dan Mall on Pricing

Calculating Working from Home Expenses

You can claim expenses for working from home, but how do you work this out?

This infographic from FreeAgent gives you a simple and reliable method for calculating what you can claim.

Pro tip: you can’t claim your water bill unless it’s an essential bit of your business.

Calculating Working from Home Expenses


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