Business address

There are lots of situations where freelancers need to display a business address, for instance:

  • Newsletter (to comply with anti-spam regulation)
  • Website privacy policy
  • ICO registration
  • Invoices
  • Google My Business
  • Domain name registration

This isn’t a problem for freelancers who work from an office or co-working space, but it can be an issue for those who permanently work from home. Keeping this information private is not unreasonable on the grounds of home/personal security, privacy and concerns around identity theft.

There are workarounds for services like Google My Business. But in the long-term, it’s better to have a separate business address that can be publicised confidentally without fear of abuse.

Two common options are:

  • Asking your accountant if you can register using their address
  • Low-cost services like UK Post Box

It’s possible to use a PO Box but not all services will accept this as a business address, so it may not be the best option.