Freelance Guide

Helping freelancers improve their businesses.

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With Jack is all about the freelancers, the designers, developers, illustrators and all-round web-pros that haven’t been given the insurance answer they deserve.

  1. About

    1. Foreword
  2. Planning

    1. Going freelance
    2. What are you going to do?
    3. Thinking of changing career?
    4. Why do you want to do it?
    5. Is it realistic?
  3. Setting Up

    1. Deciding on a trading name
    2. Registering your business
    3. Business address
  4. Tax, Pensions & Accounting

    Supported by Penfold

    1. Accounting
    2. Software
    3. Cash basis vs traditional accounting
    4. Expenses
    5. Tax Returns
    6. Payments on account
    7. Tax Saving
    8. Bank accounts
    9. VAT
    10. Digital VAT
    11. Pensions
  5. Contracts

    1. Contracts
    2. What a contract should include
  6. When Things Go Wrong

    1. Professional Indemnity insurance
    2. Late payment
    3. Small Business Commissioner
    4. Coronavirus Planning
    5. Coronavirus Support